Beckie Stroud 20/12/2023


A few weeks ago, a delightful lady visited our office, seeking help. Little did we know, this encounter would unfold into an unforgettable journey!

The lady owned a Mk2 MR-2, a cherished possession off the road for several years. A twist of fate brought it to us after her car had languished at another local garage. They went bankrupt and abruptly informed her to retrieve her car, offering minimal notice and rigid collection terms.

Owning this car for 25 years, it’s not just a vehicle to her; it’s her ‘Baby.’ At TTR, we strive to maintain a professional distance, but sometimes, empathy takes over. This was one such moment – we were determined to help her reclaim her beloved car!

We’ll skip the mundane details, but it involved numerous calls, texts, and some frantic organizing. Thus, MISSION MR-2 commenced!

At first glance, the MR-2, missing a few parts and needing some rear-end work, didn’t look too bad (classic rookie mistake by me!). It boasted new front-end parts and a fresh respray – seemingly positive signs. But here’s a life lesson: never judge a book by its cover.

Transporting the car to us was nerve-wracking. It teetered on a makeshift dolly, not even securely attached! Despite these challenges, we had to act immediately, so we did. After a slow, carefully strapped 4-mile journey at 10mph, it finally arrived safely at our workshop.

Full of optimism, we hoisted the car onto our ramp, hoping for a straightforward project. However, those hopes were quickly dashed, as the accompanying pictures reveal.

Peeling back layers of previous work revealed more issues. The car might’ve looked like a shiny red apple on the outside, but inside, it was thoroughly rotten. Discussing this with a customer, who had already invested heavily in restoration, was heartbreaking.

At TTR, we believe in doing things right or not at all. Merely patching it up wasn’t an option. We had to strip back the previous work, including the lovely paint job, to address underlying structural concerns – a glaring safety hazard that had been overlooked and superficially masked.

It’s disheartening to see such negligence in our trade, contributing to its poor reputation. That’s why we tirelessly strive to distinguish ourselves from these practices.

Now, take a moment to browse through the photos (form your own opinions – I’ve been advised to keep mine to myself 😃). Stay tuned to follow the riveting journey of this little MR-2. It promises to be an enthralling experience, especially for those who appreciate fabrication!

Speak soon, Beckie 😊

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