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A good resto/mod project gets the whole team doing what they love the most. Whether it’s a bare-shell Porsche 911 backdate with modern electrics, or a complete rework of a BMW E36, the possibilities are endless.

We’re often asked what the difference is between a restoration project and a resto/mod project, so here goes:


True restoration is rejuvenating a car with all its original factory parts to bring it back to “showroom” condition so it looks like the day it left the factory. This includes not only the bodywork and interior trim, but also extends to all the unseen components such as the suspension, brakes, and even the spot weld locations.

As a rule of thumb, the closer you get to achieving 100% original, the closer you get to achieving maximum resale value.


This is a combination of restoration and modification. Restoring a car but with a modern twist, such as the Porsche 911 backdate with modern electrics. There are no hard and fast rules here and the customer’s wishes are at the forefront of any resto/mod project. These projects are often done in stages, but always receive the same care and attention to detail as a full restoration, but we get to drop in cool upgrades along the way.

This kind of work can include (but isn’t limited to) chassis work, bare shell rebuilds, rewiring, underbody treatment and everything in between.

Share your dream with us and TTR Motorsport will turn it into reality.

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